Monday, 22 April 2013

Majlis ZIKIR NAFAS - ILMU Session on 26th April 2013

On  This  Friday  we  are  conducting  a   Preliminary  Class  on
ZIKIRUL  NAFAS   and  its   relation  to  the  Peace  and  Happiness.

Please  contact   Brother  Sulaiman  for  further  details

Breathing Through the Blessings of Rahmatan Lil Alameen

The   Breathing   of   RAHMATAN  LIL  ALAMEEN.



  • Preliminary  Class  
  • Introductory  Session 
  • Basic  Course  
  • Intermediary  Course 
  • Higher  Level  Course 
Call   Sheikh  Dr   Ismail  Kassim   to  fix  date  -  venue   and   time 
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The   Classes   Can  be   arranged   at  any  place  in  Wilayah  or  Outside  Wilayah 
for  any  sessions  of  Classes   above.

Your  Way  To  Almighty  Allah  -   Through  the   Breath  Zikir.

Regret Without Zikir Breath in 50,000 Years of Life

You  will  REGRET  50,000  Years   in  Yaumul  Akhirat  Qiyamah
Just  because  of   loosing  the   ZIKIR  NAFAS.
So  Seek  wherever   in  the  World   you  find   A  Mursheed  who  can
give   you   the  Connection  to  the  ZIKIR  BREATH  -  This  is  the
way  you  will   reach  to  a  higher  Spirituality.

Call  fro  Dr  Sheikh   for  any   questions  and   clarification.
006012  6771920. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Breath Naturally and Easily With Divine Names

Experience  the  Peace  in  your  Mind .
Convert  your  Mind  and  Breath  as  the  Power  House  of  Peace  and  Tranquility.

Everything  Breathes  and   Every  Cells  breath  ,  but   they  do  not  forget  the
Name  of  the  One   who   gives  them  the  Breath , millions  of  breaths , Trillions
of  times   until  these   helpless  creation  sacrifices  their  lives   for  the  ungrateful
human  species. Are  we going  to  live  this  way  after  knowing  the  Wisdom and
truth  and   life  moments.
Look  at  all  tress ,  animals  and  plants   in  your  surroundings  ,  they  all  sacrifice
their  lives  and  essence  for  you  Oh , greater  creation  of   Allah , but  do  you
sacrifice  yourself  to  the  Greatest  of   the  Lord  who  Has  been  utmost  Kind to
us  day  and  night  through  every  breath  you  inhale  and  exhale.

The Secret of Zikir Nafas For Peace and Permanent Bliss

For  the  past  5  years  our  subject  on  the  Zikirul  Anfas  has  only  been  on  the  introduction,
preliminary  explanation  and  icebreaking   combined  with  familiarization  on  the  subject matter
so  that  it  settles  within  your  mind  and  opens  up  your  mind  to  another  level  to  the  realm
of  understanding  at  the  heart  level.

It  is  important  that  you  all  know  that  The  subject  of  Zikir  Nafas  is  wide and 
deep , it  is  a  vast  Ocean  of  Knowledge  that  what  you  would  assume  it  would
be  from  the  Shores  of  the  Ocean ,  when  you  swim  the  Ocean  then  you  would
know  the  depth  and  also  the  width  of  it.

The  Knowledge  of  Zikir  Nafas  is  the  next  phase  of  the  topic  ,  related  to 
the  Wisdoms  Hikmah  of  the  Zikir  Nafas   and  then  Reality  - Hakikah  of  the
Zikir  Nafas   itself.

Underneath  all   these   above   mentioned  knowledge  you  will  find  another
Oceans  of  Knowledge  which  are  the  Secrets  and  Hidden  Knowledge  from
the  ordinary  level  of   Understanding   of  normal  students  or  seekers.

When  you   are  engaged   in  ZIkir  Nafas ,  you  should   know  it  is   not  you 
who  is  getting  your  breath  to  be  engaged  into  the  Zikir  Nafas  ,  but  The
Almighty  Allah , but  how  this  subject   and  action  can  be  understood  ,  if
we  learn  only  the  Taarif  not  the  real  knowledge  of  the  Zikir  Nafas.
What  is  the  action  of   the  seeker  who  is  engaged   in  Zikir  Nafas  that  
triggers  him  into  the  state  of   Zikir  Nafas.

What   Triggers  the  Zikir  nafas?.

This   is  something   that  every  person  who  has  the  Zikir  nafas  must  know  ,  comprehend
, visualize ,  experience   and  conduct  regularly   in   his  every  moments   of   Life . Or  else
you  will   never  enjoy  the  power  ,  the   experience   and  the  enjoyments  of   the  Zikir Nafas.

I  find  none  amongst  us  here  has  the  Noor  of  the  Zikir   Nafas  ,  because   you  find  yourself
forcing  into  the  act  rather   not   letting   Almighty   Allah  to  conduct  for   you  or   let  loose the
chain  of  destiny  of   the  Zikir   Nafas   to  enact  on  itself   by  the  will  of  Allah.

Let  your  breath   loose   and  let   it  run  as  per  the  wish  of  Almighty   Allah.
What  you  need   to  do  to  get  it  run  loose  and  smooth  is  what   you  need
to  seek   and  learn  from   your  Murshid  ,  until   your  Zikir  Nafas  become 
solid  and  well  grounded   into   your  heart  and  soul  permanently.

This  will  mark  the  beginning  of  unfolding  of   waves   of   happiness ,  peace
and  inner  Tranquility   which  is  totally   unexplicable   in  every  term  of  
enjoyment   and   bliss.

Zikirul  Anfas   is  the  Highest  Mode  and  Channel   of  Connecting  Your  Heart 
[ Qalb]    and  Roh   to  Almighty  the  Creator  of   Your  Heart , Soul  and  Sirr.

Without  Allah , who  is  the  Owner  of  SALAM , AMMAN   and  RAHMAT  you 
will  never  be  able  to  experience  the  above.

Rest  your  mind  and  emotion  and  think   how   powerful  is  Zikir  Nafas  giving
an  impact  on  your  life  ,  emotions  and  Mind.

I  find  people  complaining  that  at  work   they   cannot   be  in  Zikir  nafas, it is
quite  funny  on  looking  at  this  side  of  complain ,  I  ask  them  do  you  breath
when  you  are  at  work  ,  then  why  cant  you  just  do  Zikir  Breath  instead of
empty  breaths  without  the  Name  of  the  Owner  of  the  Breath , what  is  the
value  of  the  breath  without  knowing  the  Sender  of  the  Breath ,  why  do  we
live  and  breath  without   knowing  the   Transmitter  of  the  Breath.